Lion Electrical Wholesalers Product Catalogue 2021

5 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 Marco’s range of Mini and Maxi trunking products are available in multiple sizes, ideal for carrying power and data cabling in domestic and commercial environments. Marco’s mini trunking is also available with self adhesive backing. Order Code Description MC3050 30 x 50mm x 3m MC30100 30 x 100mm x 3m MC30150 30 x 150mm x 3m MC30200 30 x 200mm x 3m MC30300 30 x 300mm x 3m MC30400 30 x 400mm x 3m MC30450 30 x 450mm x 3m MC30500 30 x 500mm x 3m Order Code Description MTBT Aluminium Bench Trunking Silver Finish MTBTW Aluminium Bench Trunking White Powder Coated MTBT-BB Back-to-Back Bench Trunking Silver Finish MTBT-BBW Back-to-Back Bench Trunking White Powder Coated MTBU1 Aluminium Bench Trunking Unit 1-Gang Silver Finish MTBU1W Aluminium Bench Trunking Unit 1-Gang White Powder Coated MTBU2 Aluminium Bench Trunking Unit 2-Gang Silver Finish MTBU2W Aluminium Bench Trunking Unit 2-Gang White Powder Coated Order Code Description MC5550 55 x 50mm x 3m MC55100 55 x 100mm x 3m MC55150 55 x 150mm x 3m MC55200 55 x 200mm x 3m MC55300 55 x 300mm x 3m MC55400 55 x 400mm x 3m MC55450 55 x 450mm x 3m MC55500 55 x 500mm x 3m Order Code Description MC106100 106 x 100mm x 3m MC106150 106 x 150mm x 3m MC106200 106 x 200mm x 3m MC106300 106 x 300mm x 3m MC106400 106 x 400mm x 3m MC106450 106 x 450mm x 3m MC106500 106 x 500mm x 3m MC106600 106 x 600mm x 3m Marco is the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel wire cable tray. Available in three standard depths each tray is lightweight and strong, able to carry a number of high capacity cabling configurations. Marco’s trays are available in a number of finishes including Electro Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanised, Pre-Galvanised and Powder Coated. The tray is supported by a wide range of fittings and accessories designed to make installation as quick and easy as possible. Marco’s 3.6m power pole, and 650mm power post are both available in a satin anodised aluminium and white powder coated finishes. The systems benefit from a strong aluminium profile, designed to retain rigidity in all environments. Marco Bench Trunking and Bench Trunking Units, are manufactured from satin anodised aluminium and are fitted with a white uPVC lid and available in both satin anodised aluminium and white powder coated finishes. Marco’s bench trunking is also available as back to back lengths and units. Steel Wire Cable Tray MC30 Steel Wire Cable Tray MC55 Steel Wire Cable Tray MC106 Order Code Mini Profile MM1 16 x 16mm Mini Trunking MMS1 16 x 16mm Self Adhesive MM2 25 x 16mm Mini Trunking MMS2 25 x 16mm Self Adhesive MM3 38 x 16mm Mini Trunking MMS3 38 x 16mm Self Adhesive MM4 38 x 25mm Mini Trunking MMS4 38 x 25mm Self Adhesive Order Code Maxi Profile MMT50 50 x 50mm Maxi Trunking MMT75 75 x 75mm Maxi Trunking MMT100 100 x 100mm Maxi Trunking Maxi trunking is supported by a wide range of moulded and fabricated accessories. For more information on the range, contact us today. Mini & Maxi Trunking 3.6m Power Pole 650mm Power Post MTP1/MTP1W MTPP1/MTPP1W Bench Trunking MTBT Back-to-back Bench Trunking MTBT-BB Maxi & Mini Trunking Steel Wire Cable Tray Power Poles & Post Bench Trunking