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Security, Safety and Emergency AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 TIMEGUARD SLW360L Surface Mount SLFM360L Flush Mount PDFM1500 & PDSM1500 360° Ceiling PIR Presence Detector Enhanced 360° detection zone for optimum coverage. ƒ ƒ Up to 1500W loading (6A) for incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and inductive lighting or 250W (1A) fan. ƒ ƒ Switches lights ON when presence is detected and to light level (LUX) settings. ƒ ƒ Up to 10m detection range for motion and 3m for presence detection at 3m mounting height. ƒ ƒ User-friendly adjustment for: Time ON: 1 to 30 mins; Light Level: 5 to 1000 LUX. ƒ ƒ Units can be wired in parallel (not exceeding total load). 360º Ceiling PIR Presence Detector ƒ ƒ 6m diameter (3m radius) detection range at 2.5m mounting height. ƒ ƒ No creep zone – maximum coverage. ƒ ƒ Light ON time adjustable from 5 seconds to 18 minutes. ƒ ƒ Manual ON/OFF override. ƒ ƒ IP44 weatherproof rating (also suitable for outdoor use). ƒ ƒ Adjustable light level control. ƒ ƒ Total PIR switching: 2400W (e.g. 20 x 100W GLS) incandescent or halogen, 500W fluorescent/low energy, 100W LED ƒ ƒ Not suitable for discharge lighting. ƒ ƒ 75W fan. Ideal for energy saving installations in the workplace, corridors, offices, toilets etc., where light control can make all the difference. 10m Enhanced PIR Presence Detectors 6m Enhanced PIR Presence Detectors 120° Wall Mount PIR Presence Detector Enhanced 120° detection zone for optimum coverage. As for ceiling PIR Presence Detector plus: ƒ ƒ Up to 10m detection range for motion & 5m for presence detection at 1.8m mounting height. ƒ ƒ Can also be mounted on a standard BS surface or flush mount box. ƒ ƒ IP55 rated (internal use only). Ideal for LEDs up to 420W PDFM1500 Flush Mount IP44 Requires a 64mm Ø cut-out PDSM1500 Surface Mount IP55 Can also be mounted on a standard BS surface or flush mount box. Ideal for LEDs up to 420W Ideal for LEDs up to 420W LED Step Lights A selective and versatile range of LED Step Lights available in a choice of designs and sizes for ease of installation and energy saving light output. ƒ ƒ Installation is quick and easy, with no wall channeling required! ƒ ƒ A powerful and energy saving alternative to standard step lights. ƒ ƒ Instantly bright like halogens but at a fraction of the running costs. ƒ ƒ Surface mount for quick and easy installation – no back box required. ƒ ƒ Up to 245 lumens of cool white light (colour 4000K). ƒ ƒ Robust polycarbonate construction suitable for industrial, commercial and home installations. ƒ ƒ IP65 weatherproof rating for indoor and outdoor use. ƒ ƒ LED light emits downwards, ideal for illuminating steps, passageways and corridors or for decorative lighting. ƒ ƒ Double insulated, no earth required. Part No. Description Lumens Dimensions (mm) LEDSL1DG 1.6W Horizontal - Dark Grey 67 80 x 230 x 27 LEDSL2DG 0.8W Vertical - Dark Grey 20 200 x 80 x 27 LEDSL3DG 1.3W Round - Dark Grey 50 150 x 27 LEDSL4DG 1.1W Square - Dark Grey 40 125 x 125 x 27 LEDSL5DG 1.4W Horizontal - Dark Grey 92 60 x 100 x 33 LEDSL6DG 3.0W Horizontal - Dark Grey 166 70 x 160 x 33 LEDSL9DG 3.8W Horizontal - Dark Grey 245 80 x 220 x 36 LEDSL1WH 1.6W Horizontal - White 67 80 x 230 x 27 LEDSL3WH 1.3W Round - White 50 150 x 27 LEDSL4WH 1.1W Square - White 40 125 x 125 x 27 LEDSL1DG LEDSL1WH LEDSL2DG LEDSL3DG LEDSL3WH LEDSL4DG LEDSL4WH LEDSL9DG PDWM1500