Lion Electrical Wholesalers Product Catalogue 2021

108 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 Smart Wi-Fi Remote Control Stay in control of your home appliances, whatever your location, with Timeguard’s range of Wi-Fi-controlled devices. Using the innovative Tuya Smart mobile app, you can access your devices remotely through your tablet or smartphone and be in complete control. As long as your mobile device has a Wi-Fi or data connection, you can remotely control all connected appliances, such as switching lighting or heating on or off. Plus, you can also programme a timing schedule via the app, and leave your devices to look after themselves. LEDPROCAM WF10COM WFADAPM WFDC WFDBC WFTWSUSB WFTRS3GUSB WFLH WFIC FSTWIFITU WF10COM Wi-Fi Smart Switch WFADAPM Wi-Fi Smart Plug In Timer WFTWSUSB 4 Hour Electronic Boost Timer WFTRS3GUSB Wi-Fi 3 Way Power Strip with USB Ports WFLH Wi-Fi Smart Lamp Holder Adapter WFIC Wi-Fi Smart Indoor Camera WFDBC Wi-Fi Smart Camera Doorbell & Chime WFDC Wi-Fi Smart Plug-In Chime FSTWIFITU Wi-Fi Controlled Fused Spur Timeswitch LEDPROCAM LEDPRO WiFi PIR Camera System WFAD3 Wi-Fi 13A 3 Way + 2 x USB Adaptor WFLE27 Wi-Fi E27/ES 10W RGBW 806lm LED GLS Lamp WFLE27C Wi-Fi E27/ES 10W RGBW 806lm LED Candle Lamp WFLE14C Wi-Fi E27/ES 5.5W RGBW 400lm LED Candle Lamp WFAD3 ƒ Enables users to remotely control all connected appliances via the Tuya Smart mobile app. ƒ Turn ON/OFF lighting or other appliances anywhere your phone has Wi-Fi or Data Connection. ƒ Programmable ON/OFF weekly timing schedule via app. ƒ Manual ON/OFF control. ƒ Available for Android and IOS only. ƒ Voice Control – Works with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Assistant for most products WFLE14GB Wi-Fi E14/ES 5.5W RGBW 400lm LED Golf Ball Lamp WFLB22 Wi-Fi B22/BC 10W RGBW 806lm LED GLS Lamp WFLGU10 Wi-Fi GU10 5.5W RGBW 400lm LED GU10 Lamp WFLE27 WFLE27C WFLE14C WFLE14GB WFLB22 WFLGU10